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Do you know your type? Skin types in a nutshell.

Our skin, just like our DNA, is unique and one of a kind; over the years, five types of skin types were identified and knowing your type is a crucial step to have better-looking skin. When we age skin condition, and the level of collagen and elastin will drop. And we all age differently because of our genetics, diet, alcohol we consume, and the sun we get exposed to.

The most common of all is normal skin; you would probably know someone who has never complained about a pimple or blackhead in their lives. Normal skin has balanced moisture throughout and very few other concerns.

Sensitive skin gets irritated very easily. Whenever you use a new product, it gets red, itchy or stingy. If you have sensitive skin, you are more likely to sunburn, so anyone with sensitive skin should wear sunscreen all the time. Chose sunscreen with at least SPF50 that contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Dry skin looks and feels a bit rough (sometimes extremely rough) and has some fine lines and cracks. It may look dull. Dry skin is susceptible to any fragrances in your skincare, so make sure you choose products without alcohol in them.

Oily skin often looks shiny, and no make-up can hold on to it; it feels like it just slides of the face. There are a lot of pimples popping up. Many factors contribute to the condition of your skin: hormones, genetics, and diet. And there are many products to tame all those pimples. Keep a gentle cleanser and use it in the morning and evening. Try to use as few make-up products as you can. Keep your sheets clean and get enough sleep.

Combination skin has a shiny and very oily t-zone (typically chin, nose and forehead) and is normal or sometimes very dry in the other parts of your face. If you have combination skin, you are most likely to have larger pores and blackheads.

Every type of skincare requires a slightly different routine, but daily skincare routines are vital to avoid premature aging regardless of skin type. Use high-quality skincare products, clean your skin daily and use the SPF as the sun speeds up the aging process. Natural antioxidants will also improve our skin condition: green tea, berries, lemon etc.

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