Retinol, your new best friend

Retinol, your new best friend


As time goes by, more and more people discover that retinol is one of the best products you can add to your skincare routine is a natural retinol serum.


More than fewer dermatologists recommend retinol as an ingredient to keep aging at bay just as much as sunscreen.


What is Retinol?

Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and is scientifically proven to minimise wrinkles to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh, plump, and youthful. Retinol has fat-soluble properties found in carrots, eggs and sweet potatoes, and the fat-soluble properties allow the skin to produce more collagen.


What Is Vitamin A?

Vitamin A is a nutrient that exerts retinoids and carotenoids, increasing newer, plump, and healthier skin layers when applied topically.


What does retinol do?

Incorporating retinol into skincare routines came about in the early 1970s to treat people suffering from acne.


Not only is retinol skin plumper and an aid for acne, but it also evens out pigmentation, makes the skin smoother, reduces sunspots and fine lines.


The defensive properties of retinol also assist how other skincare products within your routine penetrate your skin, which maximises all product results.


Retinol triggers skin cells on the outer layer of the skin to activate the regeneration of new skin cells.


The benefits of retinol

Clears acne and acne scars

Clearing adolescent and hormonal acne can be challenging, and the decision to treat it without using intense prescription-based products and medications can sometimes end with long term effects.


Retinol is a strong enough treatment to aid acne without nasty side effects as it safely does the following:

  1. Unclogs pores
  2. Clears current breakouts
  3. Prevents further breakouts.


Inherently, when the reproduction of acne minimises, acne scars also disappear. If multiple products are used to treat acne, retinoids will amplify the results of other creams, gels, and serums, thus maximising the benefits of skincare treatments.


Prevents signs of aging

Face the world confidently, knowing that retinol is one of the best and most used anti-aging ingredients on the skincare market that revitalises collagen production.


Evens out skin tones and minimises pigmentation

A key benefit to retinol is how it stimulates skin cell turnover. Simply, the dry and pigmented skin sheds invite a brighter layer of evenly toned skin powered by collagen and elastin.


Retinol is an active ingredient, inviting a thicker, protected layer of skin that showcases fewer imperfections. If retinol is used consistently in a skin routine, the effects lead to radiating skin that looks problem-free and radiating.


Kute Skincare recommends

Kute Skincare I Retinol (0.4%) Serum


Kute Natural Skincare Retinol serum will moisturise your skin. When the retinol activates, it penetrates deep into the skin to deliver superior results while mitigating potential side effects.


Use this product every night to alleviate fine lines, minimise wrinkles and re-activate your natural collagen.


Suitable for: Mature skin and all skin types.


When to apply: Evening only, before bed.


How to apply: Take a couple of drops and gently massage them on your face and neck. Note that there may be some redness or irritation during initial use.


Remember: Avoid using this product before exposure to the sun and UV as it will increase your skin's sensitivity to sunlight. Note that there may be redness during your initial use.


Result timeline

After the first two weeks of using a retinol serum, the skin may trigger dryness or peeling, a natural side effect. Applying a gentle moisturiser first is recommended in the early weeks of retinol, followed by a retinol serum. Apply the retinol serum first by weeks three and four as the skin will tolerate it. Using retinol gradually is the safest and most effective option.


Don't forget the sunscreen!

Once you add retinol to your skincare regime, it is imperative, if you don't already, to add sunscreen to your daily routine in all seasons of the year.


Why is sunscreen so important when using retinol?

Retinol is a potent and active ingredient that revitalises the skin's surface, making it more susceptible to sunburn.


Potential side effects

In the unlikely stage that your skin feels irritated, it is always recommended to do a patch test on any product you buy to determine how your skin will react in case of any allergens.


Kute Skincare makes buying Australian skincare online a breeze as we ship Australia wide and internationally.


By: Ivana Zoric I Ivana Creative

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