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At- home facials: can it get any better?

And no, I am not sarcastic! The last two years have been a great challenge for many of us and taught us to appreciate little things in our lives: starting from at-home dinners to valuable time with family and friends (maybe flatmates). I miss my hairdresser and, more so, my beautician. Regular visits to my beautician not only made my face glow it also gave me those 60 minutes of complete relaxation. And it was gone, just like that. I miss it and cannot wait to go back and start my regular sessions there (maybe even more often than before). On my last session there, I bought a facial roller that inspired me to start this journey and give back to all the women I know (and I don't).  I would encourage at-home facials and regular and thorough morning and evening facial routines, as let's be honest, we look the way we feel about ourselves. Every woman, no matter how young or old, deserves a touch of care every day. Care for yourself before you care for others. Have time to meditate, exercise and pamper yourself as much as is possible.

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