Rose Quartz facial roller and love crystals on the wooden surface

Rose Quartz- the love stone

Rose Quartz is the pink form of quartz and is one of the most well-known minerals on earth. While every mineral attributes and has meaning, Rose Quartz is a very feminine and soft crystal with a loving glow. Once you touch, you will want to touch and feel it again as it radiates love; love and kindness to yourself and greater feelings and sympathy for those around you: your partner, children and parents.

Rose quartz was well known and widely used by Assyrians in 800 BC, who have crafted fantastic jewellery. All great civilizations have passed the knowledge and love powers throughout hundreds of years. Egyptians and later Greeks continued to use this crystal for anti-aging purposes and to radiate love. Once you get close to rose quartz, you will want to keep it close to your heart and face.

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