About Us

kute skincare australian made vegan cruelty free natural and ethically sustainable

Kute Natural Skincare- Clinically tested, naturally sourced and ethical skincare products that will make you glow and save the earth.
We work with a team of women who are great at what they do: continuous research and development gives these great women power to deliver. Here at Kute Skincare we are working every day to make an easy and affordable transition to excel in your skincare routine.
kute skincare owner with her products
Kute stands for the generation of women I come from. It is a tribute to my family, I miss so much every day and yet rely on heavily:  the support and inspiration, our strengths and weaknesses, the power to change our world, or how we see it. My mum, a qualified nurse and beautician, always had the solution for everything especially when it came to our hair and skin, to make a change and make us feel and look good. Passion for self-care and skincare has always been there, and now, we have this fantastic chance of fortune to share it with all women alike.
Kristina Matosin (nee LinKUTE)